Lucky 7 Blackjack Card Game from Amaya Gaming Reviewed Online

Lucky 7 Blackjack, from online casino developer Amaya Gaming, reproduces the land-based casino table experience in a digital format. Random number generators simulate an eight-deck shoe, and the table’s layout and colours are exactly as they appear on land-based tables. With minor variations, the rules are also unchanged, and players can click a button on the table at any point to check table limits, rules and payouts.

Players can bet a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $500 per hand, although the Lucky 7 Blackjack side bet costs a set $1. Blackjack pays 3 to 2 as usual, with other standard wins paying even money. The biggest win possible on the side bet is $500.

Familiar Blackjack Game Play

Using the betting option buttons at the base of the screen, players can play Lucky 7 Blackjack exactly as they would in a land-based casino. They must first decide on the size of their bet, and how many hands they would like to play, up to a maximum of three. When the player hits Deal, they are dealt two rounds of cards for all active bet boxes, along with the dealer’s hand. The dealer has one card showing and one hole card, and players assess the strength of their hands and bet accordingly.

Lucky 7 Blackjack allows players to double on any two cards, but they can only split a pair once. They are still allowed a double after the split, however, so they do get the chance to expand the possibilities of favourable hands. Dealer must draw on 16 and must stand on 17, whether it is soft or hard. By understanding the odds and keeping track of the cards dealt and assessing the strength of the dealer’s visible card, players stand a better chance of making the magic 21, or as close to it, without busting.

Side Bet Offers a Range of Wins

The clue is in the name: Lucky 7 Blackjack rewards players for every 7 that crops up first in their hand, along with any 7s that follow it, as long as they play the $1 side bet. A 7 on the first card pays 3 to 1 on the $1 side bet. A second 7 wins 25 to 1 if unsuited, but 50 to 1 if both are of the same suit. A third unsuited 7 wins 100 to 1, and if a player is dealt three 7s of the same suit, they score the biggest side bet prize of $500.

Intelligent Game Controls make Play Straightforward

Game play in Lucky 7 Blackjack is made easier by the logical layout of controls; players only see the buttons they need at a certain stage of play, so there isn’t an overcrowded control panel. In the betting phase, players can adjust coin denominations between $1 and $5, as well as the number of coins bet on each hand, and the number of hands they play. In the event of errors, the Undo button resets the bet to 0.

Once the player hits Deal, new controls appear, allowing them to choose Hit, Stand, Double or, if one of their hands is a pair, Split. At the end of each hand, the controls revert to the betting phase.