A Simple Guide to Making the Most of Bingo Bonuses Online

A Simple Guide to Making the Most of Bingo Bonuses Online

Bingo bonuses are incentives offered by online and mobile Bingo site to entice visitors to play, and to encourage existing members to continue playing.

Sites often offer free Bingo bonuses as a reward for registering as a member, crediting the player a certain amount of free money with which to buy cards and play.

Many sites offer matching Bingo bonuses, in which the amount a player deposits to play is immediately matched by the site. With both types of Bingo bonuses, of course, there will be terms and conditions attached.

For example, players may have to make a minimum deposit, or buy a minimum number of Bingo cards using their Bingo bonuses, before they can be paid out any prizes.

It’s important to understand these terms and conditions thoroughly, but Bingo bonuses nevertheless offer players the chance to play more, while risking less.

Plenty of Bingo Options on Offer

From its origins in 16th-Century Italy, by the 20th Century Bingo had become a popular pastime in many countries, most especially the UK and the USA. The rules are simple and the stakes are low, so it’s a sociable game that all sorts of people can enjoy without an enormous deal of risk.

Bingo developed into a number of versions specific to land-based Bingo halls, with the pool of numbers ranging from 30 to 90 and playing cards available in 3 X 3, 4 X 4 and 5 X 5 number grids. The basics, however, remain the same: players purchase cards pre-printed (or in the case of online/mobile games, pre-set) with a range of numbers.

Numbers are then drawn from a designated pool (random number generators online have replaced the barrel of balls used in land-based games), and players have to match these to the numbers on their cards.

When a player completes a pre-determined pattern on one card, they have “Bingo”, and win a prize. Games can end after the first prize is won, or a game can offer multiple prizes for different patterns, so there will be multiple wins among the players during the course of one game.

Online and Mobile Brings Instant Access

The main attraction to online and mobile Bingo, for many players, is its easy accessibility. Some operators offer play directly on their sites via JavaScript or Adobe Flash software, while others let players download free programs and apps.

So whether they are playing from a desktop or laptop computer, an iPad, iPhone, Android-enabled tablet or smart phone, players can find sites and apps that play optimally on their preferred devices, and get access to online gaming play whenever and wherever they feel like it.

Sites promote a sociable atmosphere by encouraging players to chat during games via direct message boards, and Bingo bonuses reward avid fans for their continued support. Smaller sites also collaborate in Bingo networks; to create a larger pool of players and give them the chance at bigger prizes than could be offered by one site alone.

All these factors are seen as advantages over the land-based game, and help to explain why online and mobile Bingo continues to see healthy growth.