The Top 4 Benefits of Online Casino Bonuses

When it comes to playing online, there are several huge advantages, but bonuses have to be one of the biggest. Online casinos cannot compete with their land-based counterparts by offering free drinks and dinners or nights in luxurious hotels and tickets to shows, but they can offer something much better. Free money!

Online casino bonuses may differ to what you’ll get when playing in a brick and mortar casino, but we can almost guarantee that you’ll find them far more enriching.


Free Money

Just about every online casino offers free money in some form of another. Whether it’s a cash match bonus on a deposit that as much as doubles, triples (or more!) your initial deposited amount, or a percentage of a deposit, you’ll find online casinos really love giving you extra money to play with.

Of course, this ‘free money’ comes with terms and conditions, but if you meet them, you can reap the rewards.

The benefits for free money are clear too – you can play for longer so have more chance of winning, and you can place bigger bets too, so your payouts will be larger. Any Match or Percentage bonus could be well worth getting your hands on, as more money can equal more wins, more often.

Free Spins

If you love online slots look out for free spins bonuses. Often, you’ll be rewarded with free spins as part of a welcome bonus package, but you may also be awarded them when making a deposit, or even when a new game is released.

Free spins are essentially free money for slots, as they give you the chance to spin more, and win more. As slots are games of chance, the more you spin, the more you can land a win, so extra spins that don’t cost you a cent but still pay out are worth their weight in gold.

Free Tournament Entry

Online casinos often feature the top real money pokies online NZ games has on offer, as well as Blackjack or Poker tournaments, and as a bonus or promotion they may offer free entry into these contests. This type of casino bonus is more beneficial to players who have some experience with the game, but even newbies will soon find their feet.

With free entry you’ll be given a set sum of money to play with, a set amount time you can play, or a set amount of spins for a slot, at a specific credit limit. You’ll get to play until your money or time is finished, and any winnings you have accrued will be paid out.

VIP and Loyalty Rewards

Just about every leading online casino has a loyalty or VIP program. These programs are well worth joining as they usually offer increasingly better rewards simply for playing for real money.

You could claim extra bonuses for making regular deposits, climb ladders through different tiers and even enjoy the attentions of a dedicated online host.

VIP and loyalty programs often also offer entry into exclusive tournaments and prize draws, with everything from exotic cars to holidays and the latest gadgets up for grabs.