Viaden’s Maverick Saloon Online Slot Reviewed

The Maverick Saloon online video slots game by Viaden features a Wild West theme. The background features a typical dusty Wild West town, with a saloon on one side of the screen and a general store on the other side, and the sound track features the sounds of a guitar.

Symbols of the game include various Wild West characters, including a cowboy, an Indian, a saloon girl, and a priest. The Maverick Saloon slots game offers players five reels and nine pay lines to play on, and also includes various wilds, scatters, free spins, and bonus and gamble features.

The Maverick Saloon Wild Symbol

Like offers in eSports betting Australia, Maverick Saloon includes two bonus symbols. The first of these is the wild symbol, which is represented by a collage of a gun, cards, dice, and a hat. The wild symbol bonus is twofold.

Firstly, the wild symbol will pay out an instant coin award when appearing on active pay lines. The value of this coin award is dependent on the number of wild symbols that were landed to trigger the award. If players land four of the wild symbols, this will pay out two thousand coins. If players land five wild symbols, this will pay out nine thousand coins. Other symbols with high pay outs include the card symbols, which pay out a maximum of one hundred and twenty five coins, the saloon girl and the Indian, which both pay a maximum of two hundred and fifty coins, and the cowboy and the priest, which both pay out a maximum of seven hundred and fifty coins.

Secondly, wild symbols may also be used to replace any of the other symbols to help players complete winning combinations and receive the best possible winning payouts. In some cases such a wild win may also result in a two time multiplier.

Maverick Saloon Slot Bonus Symbol

The other bonus symbol in Maverick Saloon is the icon of the crossed guns. Landing two or more of the crossed guns bonus symbols will result in a certain multiplier being applied. Landing two bonus symbols will result in a two time multiplier. Landing three bonus symbols will result in a five time multiplier. Landing four bonus symbols will result in a twenty time multiplier. Finally, landing five bonus symbols will result in a five hundred time multiplier.

In addition, landing three or more bonus symbols will also trigger the Shootout Bonus. In this bonus feature, players will have to participate in a virtual shootout to determine how many free spins they will be rewarded with. The free spins will also come with a multiplier, and all winnings made during the free spins round will be multiplied by the value thereof.

The Maverick Saloon Gamble Feature

In addition to the above bonus features, the Maverick Saloon slots game also offers players a gamble feature, which may be accessed after each winning spin. In this feature, players will have a chance to gamble their winnings for a chance to either double or quadruple their winnings. To play, they will need to guess the correct colour and suit of a hidden standard playing card. If they guess the correct colour, their winnings will be doubled. If they guess the correct suit, their winnings will be quadrupled.