The History of Video Poker Games

Video poker is a computerised poker game that is based on the classic casino game of 5 card draw poker. Video poker was first introduced to the casinos of Las Vegas during the 1970’s. Casinos wanted to provide their players with an electronic casino game that was more interactive than traditional slots, and video poker became that alternative.

Due to the fact that video poker incorporates elements of both skill and luck and allows players to influence the outcome, the game soon became popular in casinos around the world. Today, video poker is no longer confined to land-based casinos, and players can play the game at almost any certified online casino.

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker was originally called ‘poker slots’. As this name hints, video poker is actually a combination of both 5 card draw poker and slots. Video poker and online video poker are both played on an electronic screen, but instead of reels and paylines, the game offers players a hand of virtual playing cards.

Players can choose to keep or discard their cards in an attempt to form the best possible 5 card poker hand. The element of skill comes in here, as a video poker player will need to know how to create winning poker hands, and which hands are valued the highest in any particular video poker game.

Online and Land Based Video Poker

When it comes to online video poker, there are far less restrictions than there are in traditional land-based video poker. Online casinos have a much larger selection of games than their land-based counterparts, which allows them to offer many different variations of video poker for their players.

Mobile poker Australia players can play Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, or Double Bonus video poker, as well as many other versions of the traditional 5 card draw game. Each of these variations has a different set of video poker rules, and many of them also pay out differently for different poker hands.

The Benefits of Online Video Poker Games

Some online casinos also offer progressive video poker to their players. This kind of video poker allows players to compete for a progressive jackpot that increases in value the more online players play the game for real money.

Whichever version players choose, online casinos do not require their players to wait for a video poker game to become available or adhere to casino opening times. Online casinos are online 24 hours a day, and have an unlimited player capacity. Online video poker games often have superior graphics and sound effects as well, and they also offer players the ability to win real money prizes.

Learning with Free Video Poker Online

Many online casinos offer video poker for real money. In this case, certified online casinos are always the best place to play, as they offer secure banking methods and regulated payout percentages for their games.

However, many casinos also offer free online video poker. Free video poker can be used by players who are new to the game, and may be a valuable tool for learning about the strategies and payouts involved.