The Most Popular Casino Games Played Online

In today’s fast-paced world, online gambling has become more popular than ever. All online casinos are open 24 hours a day and can be accessed by computer, tablet or mobile device. While most casinos offer a wide range of games, there are a handful of games that are firm favourites. In the notes below, we take a look at the most popular casino games that you can play online for free or for real money at almost any online casino.

Online Slots

If you walk into any land based casino around the world, you will know that the one of most popular casino games on the casino floor is slot machine. This is also true for online casinos. While not specifically one individual game, slots encompass a wide variety of games in various different forms. At online casinos, players can find classic 3-reels slots as well as progressive slot games and video slots games. The popularity of slots stems from the fact that they are entertaining, easy to play and offer huge payouts.

Online and Live Dealer Blackjack

Aside from slots, one of the most popular casino games that you can play online is blackjack. Online blackjack is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a live casino. Players can log on and play single hand or multi hand blackjack for free or for real money. Blackjack is a single person game where players face off against the dealer. It requires a fair amount of skill and concentration to win. Online casinos also offer live dealer games. With the aid of video streaming technology, players can play a real game of blackjack and interact with real live dealers during the game. This type of online game gives players a true casino experience.

Online and Video Poker

Without doubt, one of the most popular casino games played online is poker. There are two kinds of poker games that can be played online. Firstly, there is the classic poker game that is played at poker sites. This where multiple player’s login and join a poker table to play a live game. The second type of poker is video poker. Video poker has gained popularity due to the fact that you can play individually against the computer. Video poker requires players to form poker hands with a player being paid out for a hand of jacks or better.

Online and Live Dealer Roulette

For many people, online ruletti has to be considered one of the most popular casino games of them all. This classic high-stakes game can be played online for real money at all top-rated online casinos. The online version of the game uses random number generators to produce the gaming results. Otherwise the game is played in exactly the same way as you would play in a live casino. Roulette offers players multiple betting options with bets for novices and high rollers. Roulette is also one of the few games that can be found at live dealer casinos. Live dealer roulette uses real roulette wheels where real dealers place the bets and spin the wheel